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British Biathle Team Visits Cape Town

British Biathlet Team

British Biathlet Team

The Great Britain Biathle Team visits Cape Town this coming week to take part in the World Biathle Championships. Norman Brook Sport and Leisure Consultants in partnership with Nirvana Europe will be supporting the team on its visit to Africa’s mother city.

Biathle is is a sub sport of modern pentathlon invented to create opportunities for training the run and swim parts of pentathlon in real race conditions. It can also be seen as a sport in its own right. Each race consists of a run, swim and run with senior biathletes running 1500m, swimming 200m and finishing with a second 1500m run.

The championships take place in Muisenberg, Cape Town, on Saturday 1 November 2008.

Norman Brook Sport and Leisure Consultants are working with leading UK sports tour operators Nirvana Europe and AMSportstours to establish a range of opportunites for individuals and teams to travel to South Africa for training and competition.

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